Tuesday, 7 May 2013

When I finished writing Black Dog very early in 2009 I was all set to keep going, and I intended that Will You Love Me? would follow within a few months. However, "There's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip" according to the old saying, and after a couple of attempts to start the new story I gave up. As months turned into years I began to wonder whether I'd ever write again - whether it was worth the effort, and whether I even wanted to. In the back of my mind a glimmer of inspiration remained and I hoped that I would get back to writing "one day". Time went on inexorably; I kept thinking about the story but i kept putting off doing anything with it. "One day..." I kept telling myself.

In the end I realised I was fooling myself as well as anyone else who might be interested in my work. "Stop mucking around! Just get on with it!" came through loud and clear.

So, in December I sat down and went to work - on a new story :).

I'm still working on that one but I've put it on the back-burner until I get Will You love Me? finished. I'm pleased to be making good progress, and I'm actually eager to spend time writing. In the early hours of this morning that led to my sitting at my laptop by candlelight when the power went off just as I was about to sit down and write.

Anyway, I'm expecting WYLM? to be ready for editing within a few weeks. Don't hold your breath, though, it will be a little while before it appears online. I'm a slow writer, and this time I intend to have the complete story written and edited before I post any of it on the site. It's well on the way, though!

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