Sunday, 20 April 2008

Subscribe and Save! Time, that is.

Ever get frustrated waiting for an online author to update a story? Do you keep checking the story's site to see whether it's been updated? It can be annoying, and it's also a waste of time.

Some websites offer newsletters and newsfeeds to keep you informed of updates. I offer this blog! I will post a message here whenever I add or update a story or change other sections at

If you would like to know as soon as these updates happen, just subscribe to this blog using one of the links over on the right. choose one of the online aggregators, or Atom Feed to receive updates in your feed reader (there are plenty of free readers available and most browsers can now read feeds).

For those sites that don't offer a way to keep me informed, I find FeedBlitz to be an excellent and very comprehensive service. It allows you to subscribe to a newsfeed or a webpage and receive notification of updates by email. Simply enter the URL of the feed or page and FeedBlitz does the rest. I haven't used FeedBlitz for newsfeeds, but I use it to keep me up to date with several webpages. It's easy, free, and works well. Other providers offer similar services, but FeedBlitz is the only one I've used so I can't comment on the others.

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