Thursday, 5 February 2009

Trivia: crossword brings visitors to

There was a sudden spike in visitors from the UK to on Sunday 1 February and Monday 2 February. They came from all over the UK, and most arrived at my site via search engines using variations of this search term: "____ grub, the wood-boring edible larva of certain Australian moths and beetles".

A little research turned up the answer—that search term was a clue in the 1 February edition of the Sunday Express crossword, and the solution was "witchetty". I mentioned witchetty grubs in chapter 4 of Black Dog, and an entry in the glossary described the grub using almost exactly the words used in the crossword clue. The UK visitors went straight to the glossary and spent an average of 13 seconds on the page—just long enough to find the entry.

Glad to have been of help!