Thursday, 12 March 2009

New novel coming soon!

I'm now working on a new novel: Will You Love Me?.

Brady O’Brien is a twelve-year-old orphan with attitude. He’s angry, disruptive and antisocial. He wears out foster families quicker than most kids wear out sneakers. As a last resort Brady’s caseworker places him with emergency carer Jonathan West.

Will You Love Me? will be published chapter by chapter as each is complete.


Sethy said...

Going to add you on my following list after commenting here. I havent had time to go back and read your previous novel, but certainly will do it over the next few days.

I am also writing, and perhaps inspired by the same things as you, though I tend to bring autobiographical elements in quite a lot.

Have you ever been formally published, and if so, how did you find the process and was it worth all the paperwork in the end?

I also worry a lot about plagerism (spelling?) if I start to post any of my own work... what are your feelings about this issue?

Love to hear from you.


PS my mail address is on my blog somewhere - I think

Alien Son said...

G'day Sethy!

Thank you for visiting and for your comments. I hope you enjoy Black Dog when you come to read it.

While it's a novel, the main character, Michael, thinks like me, and his experience of depression is mine, so it is autobiographical in a small way.

I haven't been print published (although a couple of people have suggested that). I chose to publish Black Dog online because I thought that would be the best way to reach my target readership. It is also hosted at Codey's World, which I guess gives it more legitimacy than if it was only available on my own site. There are several self-publishing companies around, and Hewlett-Packard is at present testing a new service with a different approach to self-publishing.

I haven't been worried about plagiarism. It's very clear that my work is copyright, and anyone stealing it risks prosecution. The Creative Commons license under which I published Black Dog allows anyone to reproduce it providing they attribute it to me and do not alter the text. While this doesn't guarantee that no one will claim it for their own, I think the copyright laws and the license provide enough protection. The difficult part would be detecting any plagiarism, but from what I've seen on the Internet, thieves usually are found out, and Copyscape offers some security by giving authors the ability to search the Web for copies of their work. I just did a quick test and it found Black Dog on Codey's World, so I can say that it seems to be effective.

I hope you find these comments helpful.