Monday, 1 March 2010

Happy Birthday, Brody!

About a year ago I received an appreciative email from a history professor / freelance journalist who curled up on his couch over a cold weekend with a long cup of coffee... and read Black Dog all the way through. He even included praise for my editors.

Some time later we began talking via IM, and soon became fast friends. Passionate about equality, fairness and the elimination of hatred, he later began blogging on gay and lesbian issues. He also began writing his own novel about a gay teenager who experiences in the worst way the hatred some people feel towards gay people.

Today (March 1) Brody Levesque turns... oh, never mind, he's old - that'll do. So, happy birthday Brody!

Brody's blog is at Brody's Notes and Scribbles. Be warned, he's hyperactive and produces an amazing amount of material.

Brody's story is being published here: What About Max.

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